Social media, smartphones and the impact on your social life.

Do you recognize the situation that your blackberry light is blinking and you are curious who send you an email, tweet, facebook update, linkedin message or any other form of digital communication?

Do you have more then 100 digital friendships ? or more then 500 business network connections? Then you are on daily basis probably quite busy posting or anwsering your digital life.

Looking to the young generation which is currently between the age of 14 and 21 they must have more then 400 friends on multiple platforms otherwise they have the feeling they don´t exist. They are busy anwsering or posting digital messages by the minute. 

Sometimes i also feel beeing in the same situation, but i still know how it was 15 years ago when you only had email, msn and a phone which was used for calling instead of carrying around a full computer. So sometimes i can put my smartphones (business and private) aside and enjoy life without any digital interruptions.

I am wondering what the reactions will be of our younger generation when you cut off their digital life line…. maybe you already know the anwser…

When browsing through your personal profile sites (Facebook, etc.) are you also sometimes wondering who are your true friends with who you really want to share personal information and pictures? Probably when you make a rough selection you would be left with some family members and a handfull of friends.

Almost the same question you can ask yourself for the professional network platforms (Linkedin, Xing, etc). Who are the people i really know, want to work with or could deliver me business opportunities? This is a more difficult question, cause by having a large network, there is a greater chance for exposure and people who could notice your posting may help you. But this assumption is purely based on theoretical statistics. To be honest, probably only the people who really know you by heart will help you and then you could also filter this list down. But as we all like recognition and a chance to expose ourselves to as many people as possible (is this not called power hungry?) we are busy expanding our business networks.

If this is the case in our professional life than how are we different from our children who are searching to find recognition with their digital friends? Probably its the best for us to not shut down our digital life line…..

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