The underground war between Android and Apple users

If you have an Android phone or tablet, probably you have noticed that Apple users are talking very proud about how their devices are better. User friendliness, smoothness of operation,  plenty of quality apps and that they were the first in line with a tablet and smart phone that worked. Android users go into defense saying that they have an Open system,  multitasking and can use Flash.

Both Android and Apple users think they are right, so sometimes it looks like a religious war.

Apple users are quite open regarding the virus which catches them when they buy their first Apple product.

Sentences like: “once you go mac, you never go back” are so true.

Looking to the followers both brands have we see that Android comes from within the Linux scene.

Apple followers come from the media, fashion and advertisement industry.

Windows users are the rest of the world.
There is even a research from the Duke university which states that Brand Loyalty is an Expression of Self-Worth, Just Like Religion. Brand expert Martin Lindstrom went even further and conducted a 3 year, 7 million dollar study to compare brain scans of the religious to those with high brand loyalty.

The outcome ? Apple is a religion, we can state today that also Android followers can be put into that category.

I like to follow news around technology and adapt to the best products suitable for my needs. I cannot help it that Apple is most of the time the first one who dares to enter new markets with new innovative products. Both Windows and Android are in those cases copy cats / followers who wait to see if there is a success and then enter that business once the hype cycle is more stable. The effect is that these brands predict that they come up with a better and faster solution, but at that moment their product line is already mainstream Apple already harvested their fruits.

Why is Apple such a big success ? Because they are the company who alway’s come up with new innovative products and solutions. They are also the company who kill technology easily. (Flash, Mouse Buttons, Harddisks, DVD Install disks)

This war is in my opinion useless as both parties have different needs and interests. Early adapters will stay with the innovative Apple products and solutions, the technology followers will stay with Android and the rest of the world has to digest Windows.

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