The history and future of digital wealth in western civilizations

Back in the 60’s when family values were very important and people were happy with just one b&w television. Gaming is done with the whole family on board games.
The family has one fixed house phone. People have usually one or two radio’s.
The 70’s and 80’s were the times that the first (home) computers came into family life.
The first color television find their places within homes.
Children learn to play with digital games. Many people owned complete stereo sets with cassettes.
The 90’s is the time when people got two or more color televisions, father is still happy with one computer connected through a modem to BBS services and later the internet. Kids have nintendo’s and home computers. And the family owns one or two walkmans.
People have one house phone and father has a mobile. People start collecting VHS tapes for their movies. The collection of music on cassettes is slowly being replaced by cd’s.
Millenium, Here things really speed up! Houses have multiple tv’s, mobile phones are getting mainstream, console gaming is becoming standard. A family has an average of two computers connected to the internet. The first broadband internet facilities are getting mainstream within houses. People have thrown away all of their VHS tapes and replaced them with DVD’s.
Every one has a complete CD music collection. People have home cinema sets to experience movies like in the cinema.
2010, Every family has multiple computers, for every family member a lcd / led television, kids have their own portable game device as well as one or two game console’s, houses have gigabit network in all rooms, the whole house is wireless connected. Most family members have mobile phones and even cars have complete entertainment systems. Many family members have portable music devices. People start to replace their DVD collection to Blue ray 3d movies. Their televisions are 3d capable and their home cinema sets are more powerfull then what movie theatres had in the 80’s.
The future ? People are always connected to the internet (by implant, VR + neural network technology or other forms). Virtual lifes run parallel to the real life.
Entertainment is experienced through the internet (Movies, TV, Radio, Streaming Music, Communication). All devices are wireless and everything is connected.
As we can see the technology push of the last 20 years was enourmous. The final question is, does all these devices make us more happy and give long term satisfaction ? If you ask that to a kid nowadays they will say yes, but once they have grown up and remember the early times they may have a different answer.

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