‎10 reasons to justify the investment in an Ipad

1. The way you read newspapers and magazines from a piece of paper will soon transform into a digital device, you better get used to it soon!

2. You still carry around all of your notes, research papers, project documents in your consultant dog ? You can be saved from a hernia!

3. Your wife is complaining about your “unorganized” library and how dusty it gets there?

4. Your kids tease you that you don’t know s%^t about the digital age. Catch up with them and show them a lesson!

5. You still write notes by hand and digitalize them later ? Save time, energy or a personal assistant!

6. You tired of bringing those heavy photo books and your complete video gear to your “old folks” in order to let them enjoy your nice holiday pictures ?

7. You getting tired of long rides with you nagging kids that they are bored with their psp’s, nintendo’s, portable dvd players or (comic) books ?

8. You don’t like internet surfing on a small smartphone screen.

9. Your netbook doesn’t bring you satisfaction.

10. You want the coolest gadget of 2010 ?

You have some more reasons ? Please share them.

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