Effective role modelling in business.

Stop, look around in the company where you work, to see if you can identify one or more people who you consider to be a role model.

What’s a role model ? Good question, well it can be a person from which you want to learn certain capabilities or knowledge relating to the field of business your in. It can be a person in a certain position, where you have you goal set for your career. Or a person which life experience grabs you.

Generally speaking, it’s a person who has a job, position, skills, knowledge or life experience which can be used by you for your personal development.

If you didn’t identify any role models within your line of work, then maybe it’s time to move one, cause you will probably not learn much in the upcoming years or reach a higher position.

In some companies they try to pro actively solve this role model identification and personal development problem by adding a mentor or career counselor next to your manager. This person can support you with many business related questions and is by company standards considered a role model for your position.

But as many people differ from their background, interests and life experience, these mentoring processes from a role model perspective have barely the effect companies want.

My suggestion is to implement a system, where the employee has to select at least two people who are considered a role model and specify the knowledge, skills or life experience they want to learn. This can be a continuing process, as by every half a year people can choose a different set of people, as life goals change. If this role model information is becoming transparent within companies, the HR, personal development and mentoring process can be much more effective.

But then again, if there are employees which don’t find any person who they lookup to, it’s probably best to move on, cause in the end the person and company will not reach their goals.

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