Multitasking way of working = New way of working ?

Have you looked to the upcoming work generation (The current teenagers) ? They can make their homework while the television is on, mp3 player playing music in one ear, chatting with their friends online, send sms messages and still get the tasks done!

If you tell that to a granny, she will not believe its possible. As the current generation is born in a digital world and almost born with a connection to the internet, for them its second nature.

In roughly 10 to 15 years this generation will enter the job market and can perform more tasks faster then the current working generation. Some people think the quality of work will be less, but the upcoming generation has learned to overcome the quality aspect by using new technologies.

A negative point from this evolution is that the upcoming generation is getting bored when tasks become repetitive. They will be the generation that will switch a job with a click on a mouse button. Creating inspiring and creative work environments is a start to adapt to this upcoming generation.

The new way of work projects, which many companies have started are experiments to see if these new working methods, creative and inspiring work environments and changed management style is working.

One thing is clear, it will be a more result driven work environment, which can be performed anywhere, anytime and is heavily dependent and supported by new technologies.

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