The magic of Apple products

Have you ever bought an Apple product ? If yes, then maybe you had the same experience as i had, that the product was working beyond expectations and you got a connection with the brand.

Apple is very smart, they package all their products very neat, beautiful and small with a nice design. The products have also a great design and a simple user interface which your granny can even understand. Still there are many people who want to tweak, hack and use open standards on these devices, they complain, bash or throw dirt, but they still buy some of Apple’s products !?

This simplicity seems to work magical, as many people bought the Ipod with its very sleek working ring of choice. Later came the Iphone which was a break through for the telecom industry and many mobile companies followed the design and itunes app store idea. The Ipad is again a device which works simple and effective. They never outperform the competition with throwing in the fastest processors, most extreme 3d video capabilities, or a lot of communication ports. No they give a simple product which works, looks good and sells.

From my perspective once you bought an Apple product, the second gadget, IT product you want to buy, you will always consider the Apple product line.  How do they do that, getting into your brain like that ? I started with an Ipod, but i slowly replaced my house pc, laptop, router, phones and now i even want to buy the Apple Ipad with the idea thinking i could add something magical again !?

Is it like a hard drug ? Once you have tasted it, you can’t keep off ? At least Apple thought of this, cause they always give you stickers with their products which you can put anywhere so you always can think about them in Cupertino.

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