Is today the time that the “Cloud” C.V. / Résumé is accepted ?

You remember the last time that you send a handwritten letter with a handwritten c.v. for a job application ? No ? Are you maybe from the time that you send a printed letter with a printed c.v. for a job application ? Wake up ! Today almost everything is digitalized and sending handwritten letters or printouts by mail is so old school.

Thinking about the communication possibilities which are available today for job applications are endless, but why still a lot of employers prefer to use old school communication tools ?

Maybe the people behind the table are the people who grew up in a time that it was normal.  Or these people have an allergy towards the digital world. Or they just want to receive the application on their desk delivered by the company mail.

All jokes besides, if you think you are in this group, open your eyes and read further cause you can escape from this narrow vision!

Today there are endless possibilities of showing your personality, capabilities and life experience to the world. Social networking is hot, but “cloud job application” is still in the beginning of it’s learning curve.

To give you some examples of the possibilities for both the employer and the candidate:

As you can see in the examples, both employer and candidate are profiling themselves on the internet. Almost everything is open, and information can be easily found as many platforms are connected to each other. Looking into the future, when will a job application process and job switch be as easy as one click on a mouse button?
Future recruitment tools will need to be created to filter out the best suitable candidates by scanning all of these social networking sites and personal marketing web applications. When it will be mainstream that job application interviews are carried out through Skype or other forms of communication tools? I think in the near future a job switch could be as easy as to switch from an electricity supplier, email account or other service that is in the “cloud”. Better we stop dreaming, cause the people behind the desk who like printouts, receive mail and only trust in face to face job interview meetings are still there…

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