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Effective role modelling in business.

Stop, look around in the company where you work, to see if you can identify one or more people who you consider to be a role model. What’s a role model ? Good question, well it can be a person … Continue reading

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Multitasking way of working = New way of working ?

Have you looked to the upcoming work generation (The current teenagers) ? They can make their homework while the television is on, mp3 player playing music in one ear, chatting with their friends online, send sms messages and still get … Continue reading

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The magic of Apple products

Have you ever bought an Apple product ? If yes, then maybe you had the same experience as i had, that the product was working beyond expectations and you got a connection with the brand. Apple is very smart, they … Continue reading

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Is today the time that the “Cloud” C.V. / Résumé is accepted ?

You remember the last time that you send a handwritten letter with a handwritten c.v. for a job application ? No ? Are you maybe from the time that you send a printed letter with a printed c.v. for a job … Continue reading

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