3D Organizational cost and performance benchmarking, fiction or reality ?

A lot of worldwide famous benchmark companies have action plans on how to create and deliver a benchmark report: reality checks, peer group comparisons, certifications and the most remarkable one that your company can win a price!

The benchmark research results are being compared with industry reports which are nowadays commodity within the industry. All of these reports have one thing in common, they are based on the time that they were created and have a relation towards peer groups based on historical benchmark data.

Strange is the fact, that companies always try to create a long-term strategy, at least planning 5 years ahead. This strategy is based on vision and entrepreneurship but they are using  in the decision process a benchmark study which is based on the now and some historical facts!?

Wasn’t there a sentence “Past performance is no guarantee of future results”

As an organization you are searching for a person or company, which will give you a tool, that can show you this comparison for the upcoming 5 years!

It is possible if you compare the right quality and quantity indicators en put them on a timeline. You will also need to add knowledge how these indicators will develop over time (technical solutions, architecture, economy, rules & regulations, politics, and many more aspects) .

Then you will get the 3D Benchmark model.

Wanna know how this model can help your company, organization or department to be successful ? This story will continue soon.

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